Song Name: I Could Swear

Songwriter: Ron Mac Donald

Copyright: 2011

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You said, right from the start
That I had captured your heart
We were so taken by this thing
But were hanging by a real thin string

Promises were made in due time
Love made at the drop of a dime
Then the doubt started creaping in
When I saw you in the dark with him

I could swear you laughed
When you turned around and left
And i could swear I cried
You believed the words that you used to walk away
And I believed you lied

Nothing seems to fit
Seems to move, seems to work
Seems to matter so I hide
I could swear the world stopped turning for a while
And I could swear I died...over you

We tried going on for a while
But trying was never you`re style
Cause you`d rather play the cheating game
And the end always comes out the same

You said it`s the end of the road
My head doesn`t do what it`s told
So I`m holding on to what I can
While you`re leaving with another man.