Song Name: Sparkin' night lust

Songwriter: Gregorios Agyralides

Copyright: 2010

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Divin' through the dark
I can see you face shine
Captured by the heat
Comin' from your burnin' eyes

Living on a dream
All the senses are awake
Cinnamon your smell
Stimulating flaming shape

Sparkin' Night Lust
I can't wait for makin' love
Sparkin' Night Lust
I just wait for you to come
Sparkin' Night Lust
I can feel it in the air
Sparkin' Night Lust
Got you crawlin' on my bed
Dive through the dark
Sparking and burning me
Burning me alive

Divin' through the dark
I can feel the explosive touch
Magic tricky hands
Driven crazy by your dance

Mind's anesthetized
Now it's you who leads the flame
Fire never ends
After midnight passion burns