Song Name: Nothing's Fair At 17

Songwriter: Andy Shaw

Copyright: 2011

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Nothing's Fair At Seventeen

I lost my way when I was young
Never learned to compromise
'Cause who I am won't let me sacrifice
She told me once that I could be anything at all
I never knew I had so much to lose

I loved her more than I can say
And it's a shame it's not today
To give me all that I deserve
We talked for hours and loved for more
Wished we couldn't grow old and cold
But nothings fair at seventeen
I'm just a stranger to this world

I loved the way she stood so still around me
Like I was the only one who would let her be
Making the choices like it didn't matter
Never went too far without her, no
Youth is something in the past now
Oh, the winkles,no, they don't flatter
Gotta hold on to something
Gotta hold on to something
'Cause she's pulling me down


But I don't know who I am today
I don't know where I belong
All I am is all I deserve
We let it go and we let it show