Song Name: Thousand miles

Songwriter: Lovisa Sthl

Copyright: 2011-02-27

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Thousand miles
Sometimes I'm a little girl living in a too big world.
But I've grown up and I can't grow down. I gotta find a place to call home

Though I've walked a thousand miles
I am still as fragile as I've ever been'
so please, please, intervene
don't let me cry alone
'cause lonely tears are never known
Just wait and see I'm not as strong as I seem to be

I've walked away many times When I've been everything, but fine
Then I cried then I lied to you When I told you everything's alright

Though I've walked....

It breaks my heart That loving has to be so hard
We've dressed in coat of armes And made loving to a piece of art

Though I've walked...

Confusion increase
All we want is peace
We are filled with fears
And the ocean are our blue tears

Though I've walked...

Sometimes it's a too big world, for a little, little girl.