Song Name: Love Is the Answer

Songwriter: ynez fernandez-reyes

Copyright: c 2005

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Love is the answer!
Love is the key.
Come on now don't worry,
It's a beautiful place to be.
Let your heart open
To the harmony you feel.
You never will be sorry
'Cuz you'll find
Love makes you real!

Early in the mornin'
'Round about a quarter to five.
I jump up from my bed each night
And thank God I'm alive!
It don't make no sense to be here
In a world so full of pain.
But I've got me a song to sing
And I'm singin' it here again.

Love is the answer.
Love is the key.
Unlock your broken heart
And sing this song of love with me.
Give understanding. Be patient and be kind.
And every blessed dream you dream
Will be fulfilled in Time. Oh...

Don't be afraid to show it!
Don't hide behind false pride.
Every child and living being,
Has feelings like you and I.
Just remember that when we give our love,
Free of pretense or blame....
Our faith encourages everyone
To live up and fulfill that Name...
That Name of Love...

Love is the answer.
Love is the key.
You have to try it for yourself
To know that happiness is free.
But if you don't believe me
And you think I'm just a square....
Let me tell you...happiness comes,
Don't have to wait....when we can learn
To appreciate it.