Song Name: Tub Dub (Sure Footed)

Songwriter: Caroline Woolrich

Copyright: 2010

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Tub Dub (Sure Footed)

Sure footed like a mountain goat
Nothing touches him he just floats
His chances of progress
Getting more and more remote

He knows exactly what to say to me
He's got it all worked out inside his head
How he will wine and dine me
And talk me straight into his bed

A technique that took
Time to perfect
He came with many jelly beans
But with no sign of respect

I let him talk and talk
He'll listen for hours
He's got the walk
And hands with magical powers

A bedpost of sawdust
Red or blonde
He's not fussed
No thought beyond
No future discussed

Grabbing the whole entire cake
Even at the crumbs he takes
Stuffing it into his face
Guilty of the crime
You bore me
Thief of my time