Song Name: Fists and Feet

Songwriter: andrea burgoyne

Copyright: 2010

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I gave you a piece of my heart and you dropped it in the snow
It’s slowly bleeding, everything’s melting and all it wants to do is come home
Please tell me where do you think it is, I’ve been searching for days
And I can barely balance without you

If you want to grow, first you must break and then make small careful repairs
Tie them off slowly, hold very steady, so they can toughen up for next year
When the winter might hit harder and the darkness closes in
And the only thing keeping you safe

Are your fists and your feet
Protect yourself and move along
One step, two steps away from you

Actions speak louder, you think I’d know better than to believe in what they say
Too many secrets, not enough contact, I’m growing much more awkward each day
Eyes deceiving, mouths are suspect, isolation doesn’t work for me
When the city stops calling my name

Should I stay or should I go
Why’d you leave me here all alone
Times have changed and so have I
One year later still I walk the streets at night
Trying to find me without you