Song Name: Hey Ms. Me

Songwriter: Dan Charness

Copyright: 2011

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Hey Ms. Me
Forever we might seek our love to be
And never be set free
Hey Ms. You
Wherever you may go I’ll follow soon
But I’ll never catch your eye
Was it you I passed an hour ago
That veiled face that faded in the night
Or could it be I just saw your reflection in the wall
And nothing more
Well I’m all alone, and I’m here for you, just here for you

Hey Ms. Me
They tell me you are just around the bend
Now will you step into the light
Hey Ms. You
Come back to haunt my dreams one more time, one more time
Till the red and rising sun
Now you’re just a mistress for my broken mind
An empty shadow there to soothe a restless heart
And so it seems, you’re a phantom making love to my desire
And nothing more
So I’m all alone, and I’m here for you, just for you

And every night I think I’ve found the one
And fake my love again
But all the while she’s not too far away
Can she wait, Can she wait, Can she wait

Hey Ms. Me
I’ll greet you when I lie asleep tonight
But its fare thee well the morn
Hey Ms. You
You’ve emptied all my dreams, all my plans, all my thoughts
Will you join me in the flesh
I can’t restrict you to my future life
I can’t ignore the signs the walls are coming down
But I won’t believe we were made to last forever long ago
I’ll never know
But I’m all alone, just here for you, here for you