Song Name: Rewind

Songwriter: Liat Arochas

Copyright: 2011

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There was a girl
Who wished to be loved.
She would run through the fields
And stare at the sky above

She was numb
To her body
And still in her mind

The only way people could talk to her
Was through their signs.

She would sit on her patio day by day
Wished she could be sent away
She is dying inside
Never to be loved
Never to be tainted
By her own kind
Let's Rewind Back to the time
She was truly alive, truly alive
Back to the years that took her by surprise
Let's Rewind!

Well she was so so so unafraid
She wanted to be saved!
Let's rewind back to the time
Back to the years oh that took her by surprise
Let's rewind rewind rewind…

Back to the time, she is dying inside.