Song Name: Ain't Coming Back This Time

Songwriter: Barrett Johnson

Copyright: 2010

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I took the road with the sun gone down,
and counted all the lights try'n to leave this town.
My heart still broken and my soul gone blind,
'cause there ain't no way that I can make you mine.
Ain't coming back this time.

Snapshot lying on the seat beside
of me and you staring at a rolling tide.
With your hand in my back pocket girl I seem to shine,
but now the tide has rolled back out and you are on my mind.
Ain't coming back this time.

Slow down driving by the graveyard stone,
'cause I know what it's like feeling past and gone.
And if people ever come asking 'bout this boy sometime,
You can say that he took his heart down forty nine.
Ain't coming back this time.
I ain't coming back this time.

But I still don't know which one of us I'm gonna blame.
You could come down here, but the world looks just the same.
Sometimes I wish I didn't even know your name.
But wouldn't that be such a shame?

So maybe dreams are what I'll find out there,
or maybe nothing, but I just don't care.
And I know I'll miss you somewhere on down the line,
but if I keep on driving I'll be doing fine.
Ain't coming back this time.
I ain't coming back this time.