Song Name: Do Whatcha Gotta Do

Songwriter: Mike Lewis

Copyright: 2010

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"Do Whatcha Gotta Do"

You can drop me in the ocean, right to the bottom.
You can fly me to the moon.
You can mail me round the world, give it a whirl now,
still, i'll make it back to you...

You can fire me from a cannon, never be landin'...
Aim for a hot air balloon.
And as i fall back down in flames now honey,
I'll stop in mid-air, just like and old cartoon, say
Do what, do what ya gotta do now..
I say, do what, do what ya gotta do, I believe in...
Do what, do what ya gotta do now..
Find a way, to make it back to you...
You might find me in a protest, doing my best..
Try to get a message back to you.
Holdin' up a sign, saying everything here's just fine,
A little tv time, whatever it takes me to, to..
I've always been the kind, where do or die is fine,
puttin' it on the line,
Now you're asking for me to, bring my love to you,
make it worth the fight...
(chorus break down)