Song Name: You Still Have My Heart

Songwriter: Tim Lindberg

Copyright: 2010

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Sparrows search for seeds in the cracks of cobbled streets
Lovers search for flames in the cold bitter rain
And I've seen her in that perfect scarlet dress
In the darkness felt the pounding in my chest
But I traded all my gold, watched the blood run cold and I feel lost, I feel lost

But You still have my heart
No one could tear us apart
I won't give my love to anyone else but You

And there were times, I do agree, where I wandered through the streets
And now a stranger holds the wealth of a hand that I was dealt
I gave it away
I gave it away


The veil of the virgin speaks a tongue I cannot understand
Her lips, they move, but I'm too hard to hear
Slowly all the stones they fall
One, then two, then three they fall
'Till every one is dropped and I'm still here