Song Name: Weatherman

Songwriter: Liam James Campbell

Copyright: 2011

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You say your all alone
No one to call on the phone
You've got a soul its an empty shell
With no one to tell

Trying to find your feet
But you lost your seat
On the train to know where
your mind is bare.

When will you show us the things you can do
Don't rush it baby you'll gain nothing knew.

Cause you cant be the weatherman
You cant stop it nobody can
Some days its raining and you need to hide inside.

Is it just you dont understand
The ocean moves but its not by man
The elements would be at your command,
If you were the weatherman.

You say you want to be
something more then this
But you cant find a summer song, to sing along

You say you want to feel
something that is real
But the cold its in your bones, its hard to heal.

I'd wait for you,
Until you find the truth,
Until your sky turns to blue,
OH, the things you could do if you only knew.