Song Name: Look

Songwriter: Steven Daniels

Copyright: 2010

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Look into the picture
Pixelated People Playing
Look at what they do
But don't believe a word they're saying

Look into the screen
A scene of several super stars
But before anyone says a single word
Look inside, decide who you are

Look at many dreams
Don't all the days depict delusions
Look and see the data
May lead to different conclusions

Look into my face
Found the fastest feeling fraying
I Listen to the words
But don't believe a word they're saying

Don't try to tell me how I'm feeling
I'd like to discover for myself
Don't try to understand what I'm saying
It's my reality


Look into the book
Look into the Screen
Look at what we understand
While missing what they mean

Look into my face
Look into my eyes
Look at all the time we waste
While listening to lies