Song Name: Washed Away in Rain

Songwriter: Joe Young and Ben Lorentzen

Copyright: 2011

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Can you see what it’s coming to?
Everything’s to change.
There’s a storm coming down the hill,
Written with the names
Of all that we pushed aside,
All the things that we try to hide,
Looking into the mirror.
Do you hear the thunder now begins to sound?
It’s all about to turn around

And we couldn’t see it at all
The surface lost its meaning
And what was proud and cynical
Is washed away in rain
And what was foolish and wrong
Somehow turns to shining
And what has seemed invincible
Is washed away in rain.

To a pile of cobblestones we have come undone.
Free falling from tree,
And lost on the raging sea,
Do you hear this world is turning round and round?
What is lost will not be found

[Chorus x2]