Song Name: The Bells

Songwriter: Joe Young and Ben Lorentzen

Copyright: 2010

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Lost in the woods I went
Down a trail but kicked and bent out poetry.
Lost in my head I sent
A message out to all my friends
I need to see somehow,
No one returned the call.

I need to hear the bells, the bells
Ringing out
'Cause my eyes were closed long ago
I need the sound, the sound
Calling out
In the night so I know where to go.

Lost on the sea again
I tore the sail with my own hands and let it be
Lost in my feelings and
I let it interrupt my plans of getting free somehow.
Got no one to save me now.


I can't feel the weight of my feet,
I can't feel my fingers feel
As I cup my ear,
Then I hear an angel's words
Speaking in a whisper heard,
Ringing loud and clear

[Chorus x2]