Song Name: Dead Leaves In My Notebook

Songwriter: James Brentar

Copyright: 2010

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Sitting here thinking, wondering, waiting
Getting real good at dawdling and procrastinating
Will I ever get to see the things that are fascinating me

Reading notes to myself from seven years ago

Sitting here writing, thinking, contemplating
Staring at the screen, thinking that I’m cogitating
Try to pretend that it never gets aggravating to me

Writing notes to myself for seven years from now

There’s a word for what I want to say, but I don’t know what it is
There’s a word for what I want to say, but it isn’t written down yet
This notebook was made out of trees

Doing my work can sometimes be exasperating
But I’m doing okay, no need to be exaggerating
Just gotta keep my mind on what’s important to me

Can’t keep dead leaves in my notebook forever