Song Name: Birka

Songwriter: Timothy Wenzel

Copyright: 2009

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Run child, run away
For hell is coming, and hell we must pay
For the Norsemen are raging, through wind and through snow
With their weapons of iron, forged in the fires below

(overlap w/ “below”) run child, the sky is burning*
The Hammer of Thor, the thunder of war
And we’ll all be forgotten " dry dust on a hill
So now run child, run child, run far away from it all (overlap with "come")


Come in from the cold
Why you’re only 9 years old
Dry your tears by our fire
You look so worn and so tired
And sleep…….(violin takes over and increases in volume)


Run child, run away
The Norsemen are here and here they will stay
Your father is fighting and fighting he’ll fall
So run child, run child, run from it all so now

Run child, I’ll love no other
But you my child, now run far away
No wait hold me, hold me
Now… slip under the wall
I’ll meet you in Valhalla’s hall.