Song Name: Supermoon

Songwriter: Greg Powerlett

Copyright: 2011

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When the darkness falls the moon is closer than before
our silhouettes now fill the artists mind.
Astrologers delight in such a thing we had no clue,
our love is so much brighter than whats above.
The rhythms of our heart beat has a soft and a perfect touch,
our swirling thoughts just lift me up again.
at lovers lane were dreaming reflecting moonlit eyes,
whats over head wont bother our time below.
Supermoon, follow me home.

On our way back home we stop and stare into the sky,
we realise the world is positivly fine.
With the masterpiece complete it has a warm and a special feel,
and its alright here where trust and love belong.
Supermoon, follow me home. Super-moon.