Song Name: believe

Songwriter: Patrick Kane

Copyright: 2011

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We’ve had so many times, some good and some were bad
Even the worst ones were the best I ever had
The good times have come and gone
But never stayed away too long
You might need some time to sort it out

I will believe in you, I will believe

I thought that I knew what love was really all about
All that I knew for sure is when I was without
Well, I’ve had the feelin’ and I’ve had the feeling leave
I may not know how to love, but I can still believe

And I will believe in you, I will believe

The possibility of my losin’ everything
You mean the world to me
Without you I’d be nothing

And I’ll believe

I spent me some time to find the words that say it best
So many things to say, they’ve all been said to death
I thought about everything that I would want to hear
I finally decided and I hope it makes it clear

I will believe in you, I will believe in you