Song Name: Shouting at the World

Songwriter: Mik Dempsey

Copyright: 2011

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Every Life's a Story
Cherished or Neglected
but the path to glory
left us disconnected
where do we come from
and where do we turn to
is this all there is just roll with the tide of humanity

Final days approaching
end is drawing nearer
everybody's running
truth becoming clearer
witless preconceptions
turned into madness
lets find a better cause break down the walls containing you and me

In this crucial instance
we can go the distance
I'll be there to show you how

Head on ...I'm not blinking
Too late.. to not know how
Be Strong..I'm not waiting
Dead on...time has come now

There's too many questions
not enough solutions
yet the ants just march on
with their weak delusions

I rush out there to meet you
I have no fear of what I've become

I'm just shouting at the world
to make you understand that I am just like you
though it seems like we are worlds apart
you know its true that I'll be there for you