Song Name: Sweet Pardon

Songwriter: Derek Lee Bishop

Copyright: 2011

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Verse 1
It takes time
She whispered to the boy
She recognized
The hours passing through the door
Rabbit fences
Cross the open stream
Good morning baby
I’ve waited all night long
Just to touch
Your milky skin
The air is deeper here today
I’ll go within
And take the last step off the pier

You don’t get very long
To trim your hair
Sweet Pardon to soothe
You’re wedding fears
You don’t get where you’re going with plastic shoes
Sweet Pardon to show me
I’ve everything to lose

Verse 2
Don’t come undone
Just because
You’ve got no talent
The creeps will go
Away when all the food is gone
There’s no one else
That even qualifies
Bad temper steals
The innocence you thought you stole
From Uncle Sue
The day he chased you round the yard
With broken shears
The bonds of family are strong

Sweet Pardon to show me
My wedding fears
Sweet Pardon to soothe me
Through the years