Song Name: Constant Woman

Songwriter: Capers Simmons

Copyright: 2011

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“Constant Woman”

On this day the Lord has chosen,
Oh, my brothers. Oh, my sons.
May you take a constant woman by your side.
Should some changes come upon you
And your wandering eyes do roam,
May you heed your constant woman
Lead your heart home.

As for you, my dears, my daughters,
My sisters and my friends.
May you be all constant women 'til the end.
Though these men may fail and falter
They may trifle and forsake,
May your strength be constant, woman.
Should you bend, you shall not break.

How much of your soul can you leave whole
When you give all, and
How much will remain? You are the same;
You are constant, woman.

May you be a boon, my brother,
May you be a song, my son,
May you find a constant woman never far.
May you be the sky, my daughter,
And my sister, be the stars
May you stay a constant woman,
May you stay just as you are.