Song Name: Sweet Lioness

Songwriter: Ron Mancini

Copyright: 2012

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She's a sweet lioness, she is queen of her nest?Don't try to undress, her mine it can't be read?She will pretend to be your friend?Thorn in your paw she will mend?She lead you in to her den?That's where you will meet your end
She plays soft music with an animal drive?Instinct takes over but it's all contrived?She pulling the strings while you take the dive?You'll be lucky to make it alive
Cause she's a sweet lioness, she'll put your will to the test?Making love to her is the best, claws in your heart it's a bloody mess
You think you're the only one in the pride?Others never made it out alive?You think that you fulfill her?It's just her trick of nature