Song Name: Brand New You

Songwriter: Jon Anderson

Copyright: 2007

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where there was only night, the light of day is dawning
where there was only death, something’s comin’ to life
a shriveled hand stretches out - crippled legs start dancin’
light and life are fallin’ on you!

there’s a brand new you…
signs of life are coming through
there’s a brand new you…
a whole new life in front of you!
there’s a brand new you,
just like a butterfly " learning to spread her wings
it’s so true, …former things are through
there’s a brand new you!

where there were only ashes, a fresh wind is blowin’
where sorrow used to rule, joy is gonna win the day
blind eyes see clearly now… deaf ears hear rejoicin’
ruins now have been renewed:

the world hasn’t changed but you’ve been given a new point of view
a whole new way of living begins as you stand in the Truth:

Words & Music by Jon Anderson