Song Name: Cometa n9

Songwriter: Giordano Di Fiore

Copyright: 2011

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COMETA N9 (Comet number 9 )

The blowing wind messes up my hair
And messes up my thoughts, they seem real
But it's only a breeze, with spring carrying its scent
With my turning head, and when you feel dizzy, you know it's true

Since a was a kid
My heart is swelling
I'm dying by my Love

I'm like a comet
Leaving a trail when I walk
I learned to close my ears
And the silence has become a disease

I'm your loaded bomb, hot, clockwork
No, I don't burst, but if I bang, where my pieces will fly away?

Do you know I'm a good fellow, or a crazy boy, that doesn't go away
To retreat is to surrender, but how heavy is this staying here
Maybe it's only fear, but how long is it, and is not hypochondria
My life is a wait, hanging me, but future is a lie

Since a was a kid
I'm dying by my Love

They are no tropical beaches that heat my fire, no, no
Neither boreal cold, nor jugo, nor mistrals
North wind is blowing inside of me, it is sirocco, it is lunacy
Really I don't know, If I'll make it, or not

And now..they would come forward the bookmakers, the alligators
..We are ready to bet against you!