Song Name: Part III: The Words I had Written

Songwriter: Jerry Oviedo, Gipsy Juliette

Copyright: 2012

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Part III: The Words I had Written
(Alvarez, Oviedo)

Verse 1:
Just the other day,
I caught myself singing your song,
The melody was there,
But the words didn't make sense (anymore),
But I couldn't understand,
What could have changed,
What was wrong…

Verse 2:
The days went by one after the other
And your memory stayed,
I could feel your arms around me,
Hear your voice as if you never left,
The though of you was constant,
It drowned my gloomy days,

Yet the sun shone through my window
And woke me up,
I decided to go back and
Read the words I had written
When my life as I knew… ended

Verse 3:
And yet I sat there just thinking
Wondering why you gave up
And although I knew the answer
I just didn't know
Why you never said good-bye
Why all those words were left unsaid


Funny how thing happen
One day you feel like dying
And the next you're ok
Cuz time heals all
And what you thought
Would be your be your end
Is now what makes you
The person you were meant to be


I'll always be better off
The thorn, the scar will heal
With the passage of time
It will be just a memory
Just dust