Song Name: It's Snowin'

Songwriter: Lenny Solomon

Copyright: 2005

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It’s snowin' on the rooftops, it’s snowing on the cars
It’s snowin' in the alleyways, it’s coming down in jars
It’s snowin' in my window, as if it wants to see
How to make it snow inside, it’s really scaring me
It’s snowin' on my eyeballs, snowin' on my brain
I’m getting cabin fever, it’s driving insane

It’s snowin' on the bushes, it’s snowing on the trees
It’s snowin' on the pigeons, it’s snowing on the bees
It’s snowin' in the desert, it’s snowing on the sun
All those TV weathermen, sure are having fun
Snowin' on the beaches, snowin' on the tide
It’s just snowin' everywhere, ‘bout to lose my mind

It’s snowin' in the crannies, it’s snowin' in the nooks
It’s snowin' on my granny, it’s snowin' on my books
It’s snowin' in the sauna, enough to make me shake
It’s turning all the water cold, boy I need a break
It’s snowin' on my snow goose, it’s snowin' on my job
Sucks the life right out of me, I really feel I’m robbed

It’s snowin' on my heartstrings, it’s snowin' in the bars
It’s snowin' on my pipe dreams, it snowed on my guitar
It’s snowin' on these lyrics, I wrote to make things right
But now they give me nightmares, that keep me up at night
It’s snowin' on my fantasies, that were wet and warm
Don’t know where I’m goin’, just know that I’m gone