Song Name: Corporate Greys

Songwriter: John Curtis Anderson

Copyright: 2012

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V1 - Crossin' wheatfields off the coast of Canada Headin' for a town in Idaho

Small towns and strange signs along the way Sure glad we had the nerve to go

Refrain - And it's just for the freedom of life Not for the wrong or the right

Corporate Greys and ne-on days It's quite a fight not to spend your life that way

V2 - Some friends said we were irresponsible To leave careers full of promise and spoils

But there's a whole larger realm that we're thinking of One that says you do just what you feel

Repeat Refrain

Guitar Instrumental

Repeat Refrain

V3 - Comin' up on sixteen miles to Yellowstone Country sure looks different round here

But there's a Jersey bus and the midtown rush and yellow air

And the tragic eyes of those who would not leave

Repeat Refrain once + last 2 lines of refrain & end