Song Name: Long Distance Love

Songwriter: Matt Rhoden

Copyright: 2012

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I tried to call every day,
But something got in the way.
Caught in the boss' lair.
Wishing that you were here
Or that I could be there.

They say, Long distance loves never last,
And you can't move along when you're stuck in the past.
It's a Hard way to go.
But how on earth do they know
That a Long distance love
Just doesn't last?

I called you at nine o'clock.
Nine o'clock right on the dot.
I know you were working late.
I could get there by two
on the Old Interstate.

(Repeat Chorus)

I know you find so much temptation.
You know, I sometimes I find it too.
I see another open station.
I'm gonna have to drive on through

Long distance love.