Song Name: Just Because

Songwriter: Charlie Keller

Copyright: 2013

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I was sleeping next to Monica

I liked the smell of paprika

And I knew I could

I was taking feedback from Anna

She was eating banana

Like I knew she would

I don't understand it

But its you

just because, because

I want to escape it

But you'll do

just because because

I was dancing close to Joanna

She danced like a goanna

She said she liked my hair

I was taking Nina to dinner

She looked a little bit thinner

But I didn't care



Bflat F Bflat F Bflat F C D

You'll do (harmonies)

I called her while in Manila

I told her I was a sinner

She said she didn't know

She was tryin' ta find a new beanie

She liked it when it was freezing

And she said she wasn't coming home