Song Name: WEAK

Songwriter: Glenn Hammerstad, David Harper

Copyright: 2011

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Your name sprung from a stranger’s lips
Cut me open from head to toe
Threw my mind into a sudden eclipse
Sent me straight toward a big black hole

Thought I’d made you into a blur
Yet I chant your name like a melody
As if it’s the best sound I’ve ever heard
It’s so clear… you’re my favorite enemy

Trouble, that’s what you are
Making me stumble, crash and fall
A drug, so sweet and hard
Keeps me coming back for just a little more

My temperature shifts from hot to cold
Got a razor blade stuck in my chest
If this is love, I’ll never grow old
Knowing me, I won’t give it a rest

Chorus: repeat

I barely have the strength to hold on
To a memory of what it feels like to be strong

Double Chorus