Song Name: Let Your Heart Lead the Way

Songwriter: Ryan Rothmeyer

Copyright: 2013

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Let Your Heart Lead the Way

Verse 1
Anywhere, anywhere you want to go
You'll find a way to get there I know
Beyond the stars, let your imagination set the course
and fly to all you dream of

Come and discover adventure today

Let your heart lead the way
close your eyes and take a step of faith
trust yourself, believe
and you will find your rainbow
All that you need is within you
just find the magic
Don't be afraid, just believe
and let your heart lead the way

Verse 2
So many ways, so many ways that you could go
it's easy to get lost along the way
be strong and know there many be some bumps in the road
but never, never lose your faith and your hope

There is no limit to where you can go


All that you know, just let it go
Find the courage you need and shine
You'll be amazed, all of your days
Just spread your wings and fly