Song Name: Orient Song

Songwriter: Paja Rocky (Pavel Rokyta)

Copyright: 2013

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Orient Song
Lyrics: David Rolleston

V1: I only want to see, all that's right in the world
And I don't want to wait, in a wise mans soul

V2: Why'd you start the day, with the rising sun
And why'd you make me live, with a crying soul

BR: I'm going crazy, in my hazy, Oriental ecstasy
The drug it plays me, doesn't faze me, orient it, any way

BR2: Time going slowly, in a world,
the colors change, in many ways
Too soon it's over, mind is spinning, in an Oriental way

EXIT Save my mind, wasted time
S.O.S, illusion blessed
Oriental savior, lost in sad behavior
Oriental lover, never need another
Orient direction, need some time protection
Orient reflection, change my mind projection

Orient, soul is spent,
Orient, illusion sent,