Song Name: Hello Young Lover

Songwriter: Rachel Sumner

Copyright: 2013

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Hello young lover you’ve come to bed late
Carryin’ the scent of another mistake
Tucked in the creases of your dress.
Where you were, Lover, is anyone’s guess

Hello young lover
Draped in my covers
Of red wine
Did you discover
The love of another
By starshine?
Did you forget,
Do you regret,
The nights we swayed and sighed?

Eyes tell of places and people we’ve seen
When I look at yours they speak not a thing
Stare me down with apathy
Lover you won’t make a blind man of me

Hello dear lover you’ve left me resigned
To give up the lips I once thought were mine
What you’ll do and where you’ll go
Lover, I’ll tell you, I frankly don’t know
Lover, believe me, I’m telling you so