Song Name: Cosmology

Songwriter: Capers Simmons

Copyright: 2011

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© 2011 Capers Simmons (ASCAP)

Put the planet in a bottle,
Put the bottle on a scale,
Subtract the mass of the bottle out to find how much it weighs.
It's just an empty bottle,
Anyone can see,
But you're like Aristotle, and you see things differently.

Since God made the world in six days,
I'll give you the week
Because the stars are set in glass
In your cosmology:
Circles in circles, music of the spheres--
I don't believe in you and me, but I wish we could be real.

Put the moment in a bottle,
Put that bottle on some ice,
Subtract the mass of the emptiness and we might just crack a smile.
It looks okay from far away,
But at this quantum scale,
We both behave like scattered waves that dissipate and fail

It's just a field of forces
There's nothing in between us
We'll spiral out away from each other, forever.
But you insist the opposite:
There must be something there that we can't see
Holding us together.