Song Name: Right Next to Me

Songwriter: Martha Sterling-Golden

Copyright: 2013

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I saw you from my window, but I’d seen you around town before
We liked the same coffee spot, so I went there with my friends a lot more
One night as you passed by my window, the dry leaves scattered
As I gave a come hither call
Never occurred to me to wonder, how far and how fast and how hard we would fall
You are the soul of my life, the one I will put all others aside for
You are the one to still my storm, the tether I rely upon,
So I’ll be keeping you right next to me.

We might fall off the trail sometimes, looking through the wrong end of the field glass
Stand up and look at the stars that litter the sky, allow the reeling to pass
Sheets draped over your sleeping form, your eyelids flutter
In your dreams you heave a sigh
If I live a hundred years, that sound will live in my ears,
Just as though I might find you right next to me
Right next to me