Song Name: Everything Beautiful

Songwriter: Adam Babcock

Copyright: 2010

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Everything Beautiful- copyright 2010

Woke up and I'm feeling fine
Stretchin out in the warm sunshine
Next to me a friend of mine I love
And with the touch of her hand
Steal away the whole days plan
I know she understands my love

Talking about the little bitty things that you do
Bringing it back to everything beautiful in you
Thinking about all the ways I fell in love with you
Talking about how that you shine in the light
Thinking about how that you feel in the night
I know I can make everything alright long as I'm with you

She move in close said my heart been stolen
I think the two of us should take control and
Try to figure out what to do with the day
I said likewise I know that my heart been strangled
It would take a locksmith to get the sheets untangled
And my vote to love away the day

On the tip of my tongue said I got something to say
Oh to get it out right gonna take me all day, all day
she said then boy get over here, get in close enough so I can hear
Cause the world outside its gonna wait anyways

I go straight from the heart every single night
She gonna be my best friend if I treat her right
When the time rhyme with your sign then you better know it
Cause I can tell you it ain't lovin if you never show it
So much pride when you're coming around
Said you're bringing me up and I ain't never let you down
I now know for sure that my hearts full
Said I'm bringing it for the love, keeping her all the time, here we go