Song Name: Shining Star

Songwriter: Lovisa Ståhl

Copyright: 2013

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Deep in our souls
We all have a goal
we are meant to achieve
Please, do not deceive
the one you are,
You're a shining star
And you are meant to shine
'cause we're all divine

We're carrying secrets of what we really want to do
Too afraid of sharing, 'cause what if our dreams don't come true
What are the odds of your wishes to appear
if you dress them in failure and fear?

Deep in our souls...

//:So light up, be bright
Be the one you are,
you're a shining star://

What you really wish for will happen to you
So aim at the good things they are nicer to pursue
Our thoughts are revealed to our personal genie
Listen to your dreams and you will be happy

Deep in our souls…

Shine, shine, shine, shine, shine
Be the one you are
Shine, shine, shine, shine, shine
You are a star.

Deep in our souls..

//:So light up…://