Song Name: Ballad of a Love Miscast

Songwriter: Maggie Vogts

Copyright: 2013

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My Own Dixie
By Maggie Vogts

Ballad of a Love Miscast
By Maggie Vogts

A house of pearl on a high-top hill,
Gem-stone panes looking o’er the mill.
A mansion built on a crimson flood,
The souls of men " their lives and blood.

Charlie Day was my only beau.
Coal black hair, heart like new snow.
I lost his love to a satin hand "
Miss Sally Jones, belle of the land.

She stole his heart on her high-top hill,
Looking out the panes toward her daddy’s mill.
The lad I longed for and adored
Left me here to softly, softly mourn.

(instrumental break)

I watched him fall into her hand,
Abandon reason, led like a lamb.
She slicked his hair, made him shine his shoes.
Such a fickle love, when mine was true.

She took his name on a high-top hill.
I heard the bells ringing through the mill.
I could not bear such a hopeless love,
So I shed my heart, and headed down the road.

Thirty years, now he owns the town.
But he sits and drinks his whisky down.
Black tomorrows and a love long past.
He softly mourns a love miscast.

(instrumental break/end)