Song Name: Levi Strauss

Songwriter: Toni Vere

Copyright: 2000

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Levi Strauss

I was standing on a corner
Trying to figure out what I should do
I had my favorite pair of bluejeans on
You know
The ones with the great big holes I’ve had
Since 1992

Theres this big hole in my pocket
Where a dog I had once chewed right through it
I tried to fix it with one of those iron on things
Kept coming off so I left well enough alone

And they still got old leather patch it says
“Levi Strauss”
the paint that I got on them when I was just going to
throw them out
seen more miles than I care to think about
Levi strauss

Theres this oil stain on my left leg
Where I wiped the dipstick from my mower
It never came out it never faded
Stayed there like some omen
Of better things to come