Song Name: I Miss You

Songwriter: Bruce Jones

Copyright: 2008

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I don't feel like eating, and I can't get no sleep,
Ever since you went away ....
My body is aching, the pain is so deep;
Don't know what to do with my day ...

And I miss you when I see the sunrise;
I miss you when I see the dawn;
I miss you when I feel the wind on my face,
And I'm wondering where you are ....

I wander around like a ghost in my house,
Touching your things with my hand ....
Praying to God that I'll soon hear your voice,
Praying that I'll see you again ....


Whatever you're doing, wherever you are ....
I hope that your angels are there;
I hope that they're keeping you safe from all harm;
I hope that they know that I care ....