Song Name: Hard Age To Be

Songwriter: Giasone Italiano Marcy Italiano

Copyright: 2013

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Hard Age to Be
(Verse 1)
She is such a pretty girl just turned 17
Years away from dolls and plastic pearls
Waiting for her life to finally catch up to her dreams
New troubles start all around and swirl
Sent home for a dress a little high above the knee
Now she’s counting the days when she can finally be free

It’s such a hard age to be
Time seems to move faster
It’s such a hard age to be
Face the day with some laughter
When you’re looking for relief
All you really need is a moment to breathe
It’s such a hard age to be

(Verse 2)
Just sick of the grind and being tired all the time,
Since she turned 29 again
Her kids are screaming for her and there’s a notice in the mail
For a payment that she could have sworn she sent
She used to always dream about how great her life would be
Now she’s starting to think she might never be free

Life can seem much colder
When you think you’ve reached the end of the line
But as you grow older
You’ll find strength inside

She’s feeling lost inside, many years have passed her by
All she wants is to be young again
Her house is old, it’s just been sold, and she’s leaving it behind
Is this a beginning or an end?
Her daughter came to visit with a child for her to see
With the crying baby in her arms she whispered so softly…