Song Name: Dear You

Songwriter: Roy Flores

Copyright: 2014

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Dear you
I wonder if you know I'm still here
Fighting, breathing fire from within
Remember how you left me, cold and full of fear
And it felt like there's no one there to take me in

Dear you
Remember the night when you left me
You left the door wide open and just walked away
No turning back, just let it be
I stared at the door 'till the night turned day

Do you remember
There's someone out here waiting, longing to see
How beautiful a life with you could be
Have you forgotten
All the broken pieces you left behind
Has the thought of me ever crossed your mind

Dear you
I hope you're doing fine and well
Turning your back on me made me stronger
I've grown to be a decent man, as much as I can tell
And I hope someday you'll read this letter

(Repeat CHORUS)

I don't want you back in my life. No.
I just wanted to know.