Song Name: Our Little Boy

Songwriter: John M Mabey

Copyright: 2007

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Our Little Boy

I see ya sitt'in there
you make my life a dream, our little boy
I see you sleep'in there
Oh it touches my soul, my heart
And he loves you, yes he loves you, our little boy

When you laugh, you laugh
the mood just changes in to what can be

You play with dad fine
and you kiss your mum so free, you're our little boy, our little boy

You're our little boy (yes you are)

Can't wait to see you grow
into a man I'd be so proud to know love for you grows on and on and on and on our love
for you grows on and on......

My love for you grows on and on

Your our little boy (yes you are).......

You're gorgeous....(beautiful roan)

You're gorgeous...our little boy