Song Name: No One Could Love Me Better

Songwriter: Daniella Watters

Copyright: 2013

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"No One Could Love Me Better" Lyrics

You call me up
Just to say I love you
I know that every girl would want that in a dude
You checking me
You wanna know I'm fine
I tell ya that I am, but you're calling all the time boy
What is it hat we're missing?
What is it I aint feeling when we kissing?
I don't know and it's driving me crazy
When you say you love me and call me baby baby

No one could love me better
But I don't see us together
No I don't think it's forever
What do I do, I know it's true
No one could love me better
But should we be together
We may not be forever
What do I do, I wish I knew
No one could love me better
Woah, woah, woah

You look at me
You say that I'm the one
Well I'm not sure I wanna be the mother of your son oh
We're making love
Whisper things in my ear
troubles me to hear
There's no one else treats me like a princess
Am I crazy boy, tell me what is this?
My friend say lucky that you're in my life
Why am I scared that you may not be Mr. Right?


You make me smile…
Yes you do
You drive me wild
Ya boy you treat me right, tell me what is wrong?
I got to stay strong
I am so uncertain
About our love, I'm hurtin
What do I do, I wish I knew x2.