Song Name: two timing boy

Songwriter: daniel morrow

Copyright: 2013

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woWon't get nowhere with your two timing boy
Ain't got no way of coming home
and I'll be here with a gun and a rose
for that long, lonely road
I will lighten up the load
You'd best confess to me, the worst you've done to her
to save your soul

Don't seem to care about your two timing boy
You'll end up nowhere and alone
and she'll be there with a hum and a note
Before that long, lonely road
I will tighten up your rope
if you give the truth to me & not what you told her, well I won't disagree but i will turn the words

Yes I'll be there just waitin for your rose
to say so long, lonely roads
A lesson for your moral codes
You're best defense to me was not enough for her
l saved my soul