Song Name: Flame

Songwriter: Daniel Childerley

Copyright: 2014

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Copyright © 2014 Daniel Childerley

Words & Music written by Daniel Childerley


If I compared your heart to a flame
Would your love burn for me the same
I'm just not ready to find out
While you’re in overdrive

And If I let out these feelings
Let them flow full bore
You'll walk away from me
And stop my world turning for sure

Forever and always out of phase
Switching lanes won't do me no good
I’m chasing your taillights
While your pressing ahead

Embarrassed I’ll shy away
I’m holding back vapors
I’m dead on these tracks ahead
Denying the fact that I’ve fallen
In love
With a friend

I’m not ready to burn
So I’ll silence the words
I’m not ready to burn
This rejection will hurt
I’m not ready to burn
So I’ll bury my feelings
I’m not ready to burn
So I silence the words