Song Name: Unbreakable

Songwriter: The Menders

Copyright: 2014

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It feels good to be back home,
Laying beside your weary bones
To play the part of the bigger spoon,
But when you wake your smiles been replaced
By wild eyes on a frightened face,
Don't forget what I told you long ago
I'm unbreakable

The next night I stood by your feet
While you shook yourself to sleep,
That's not a good look for you,
And the whisper that you heard
Lets you know I'm a man of my word,
Don't forget when I told you that I loved you so,
I'm unbreakable

So you said you were mine
Now I've got nothing but time

A last kiss before I leave
Makes you think you're rid of me,
But I'll follow you wherever you go
I'm unbreakable