Song Name: Santa Fe

Songwriter: Lou Derr

Copyright: 1991

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"Santa Fe"
Lyrics and Music
Written by Lou Derr copyright 1991

Verse 1
When I was a little boy we lived by the tracks
And every night I hear those trains as they'd pass by
I often thought about taking a ride,
hopping a boxcar late at night
Not knowing where I was going, or where I'd been

Santa Fe----- Take me away
Santa Fe----- Take me away-----

Verse 2
I knew a man when I was young
He said "I'm your Uncle son,
and I can tell you all about those trains"
Then he lit a cigarand he tipped his hat,
looked at me and said "Imagine that, a
little boy that wants to be a Hobo...ah ha (chuckle)

Verse 3
After two hours or more he was going strong,
It was like being on a train all along,
I could see the years roll by... as He spoke.
Well he carried on another hour or so
Then he looked at his watch and said
"I got to go...The 4:05 is running right on time.

Verse 4
As he headed up towards the tracks
I waved to him then he tipped his hat
I knew this wasn't my time or my train
Now everytime I hear that train pass by
I stop for a moment and I close my eyes
I remember Uncle Joe and the 4:05.
Man them ole' trains sure kept him alive
(Music Break to up-tempo beat)

Last chorus

Santa Fe-----------------------Take me away
Santa Fe------------------------Take me away Yeeee ha